Caves in Arkansas

Tour Ancient Caves in Arkansas

Bull Shoals, Arkansas, has a lot of rich history—some of which began long before the town. In fact, some of the oldest caves in Arkansas are just outside our back door. Since 1958, Gaston’s White River Resort has been a big part of the Bull Shoals region, but the Bull Shoals Caverns have been around for over 350 million years. So if you’re looking for things to do in northwest Arkansas, check out these cave tours in Arkansas for a unique outdoor adventure.

Breathtaking Cave Tours in Arkansas

Just 10 minutes from the historic Gaston’s Arkansas vacation cabins and White River lodges is one of the best caves in Arkansas: the Bull Shoals Caverns. This geology wonder is unlike any of the other caves in Arkansas because it contains all kinds of rock formations. The tunnels hold streams, ponds, and even a waterfall. The Bull Shoals Caverns’ guided cave tours in Arkansas are free for children under the age of five and approximately the same price as a movie ticket for big kids and adults. So, instead of spending the day at the theater, get outside and head underground for ancient Arkansas adventures!

Study up on the different rock formations and animals that dwell in caverns and caves in Arkansas, such as the blind trout. Then, see which ones you can spot during your cave tours in Arkansas’ incredible Bull Shoals Caverns. 

Outside the Caves in Arkansas

Gem Panning: Things to Do in Northwest Arkansas

In addition to their cave tours in Arkansas, the Bull Shoals Caverns offer some fantastic above-ground activities. Try your hand at gemstone panning in an authentic 19th-century sluice. Both adults and children enjoy finding hidden gems in their bag of mining rough. They also have fun, seasonal events. These unique activities are some of the most fun and educational things to do in northwest Arkansas. After your excursion, return to the comfort of Gaston’s White River lodge with your bag of gemstones and other goodies.

Arkansas Adventures on the White River

Your adventure doesn’t have to end with the cave tour. After exploring the underground lakes and streams, be sure to get on the water above ground, too. The Bull Shoals and Lakeview, Arkansas, areas have some of the best fishing in the world, and Gaston’s has the Arkansas vacation cabins to match. Contact us to set up your nature-filled vacation today!