Rainbow Trout fishing in Arkansas

Best Trout Fishing in Arkansas

Our bodies need omega-3 fatty acids to function properly, and one of the best sources for these nutrients is trout. Trout is a member of the salmonidae family, but because it has a different diet than salmon, its meat isn’t pink. It has a subtle, earthy taste and pairs well with flavors like bacon and capers. In addition to providing deliciously healthy meals, trout fishing in Arkansas is full of excitement and sportsmanship. When you stay at Gaston’s Resort, the top-notch White River, Arkansas, fishing is available at every turn. Our section of the river is home to the following four types of trout.

Rainbow Trout | Best Freshwater Fish

Rainbow trout are often considered one of the best freshwater fish in North America. They are easily recognizable thanks to the pink streak that runs from head to tail. The average rainbow trout is around eight pounds and 25 inches long, but some can grow upwards of four feet and 53 pounds! Rainbow trout will often breach once they’re hooked, so get ready for a fun-filled White River, Arkansas, fishing experience.

Brown Trout Fishing in Arkansas

Brown trout is one of the larger types of trout, with average sizes around 20 pounds. Its distinguishing features are golden-brown skin and black spots surrounded by lighter rings. They often live in the same areas as rainbow trout, but they are a more rare catch. Try to drop your line behind boulders and other structures while trout fishing in Arkansas because brown trout tend to hide in the shadows. Gaston’s offers guided fishing trips, so you can get an insider scoop on the best freshwater fish.

Brook Trout Fishing Resort

Brook trout, also known as speckled trout, are similar to other types of trout for their spotted skin, but their unique feature is the vibrant yellow spots along their sides. These aquatic animals tend to be roughly the same size as rainbows. They are most active at dawn and dusk, and they mainly eat aquatic insects. When you stay at our White River, Arkansas, fishing resort, your vacation rental is right on the water, so you can come and go throughout the day to take full advantage of the prime catching hours.

Cutthroat Trout | White River Arkansas Fishing

Many types of trout are named for their appearance, and the red markings around their gills inspired the name cutthroat trout. This fish is closely related to rainbow trout, so expect them to be roughly the same size. All of the different, spectacular trout subspecies mean trout fishing in Arkansas offers some of the best freshwater fish you’ll ever taste. 

Gaston’s Resort for Trout Fishing in Arkansas

After finding these four types of trout, cook them up in your lodge or cottage kitchen. We know how unbeatable the flavor of fresh fish is, so we provide several cooking spaces for our guests to enjoy the day’s catch. Call us at 870-431-5202 to plan your vacation full of the best trout fishing in Arkansas.