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Gaston's White River Resort began 59 years ago when Al Gaston, Jim Gaston's father, purchased 20 acres of White River frontage with six small cottages and six boats...the year was 1958. Present day, Jim’s grandson - Clint Gaston - will carry on the family legacy for many years to come. The resort now covers over 400 acres, and has 79 cottages ranging in size from two double beds to ten private bedrooms. The airstrip has grown from 1,800 feet to 3,200 feet. The six boats are now over 70, and with a state of the art dock to hold them all. The years have brought an award winning restaurant, private club, gift shop, tennis court, playground, game room, duck pond, three nature trails, swimming pool, conference lodge, and fly fishing school.

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We had 5 Blackhawks join us for lunch yesterday as they celebrated a retirement of a fellow soldier. While we have had many Blackhawks over the years, this was the first time we’ve had this many at one time. #gastonswhiteriverresort #gastons #blackhawks #visitarkansas #camprobinson ... See MoreSee Less


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So thankful for their service and sacrifices. This taxpayer can't think of a better thing for our $ to be spent on...lunch for these uniform guys and gals for all they do for our country. It's the least we can do for them. They're the reason we sleep safely in our beds at night. Would loved to have been there to see them! Signed...one very proud wife of a Silver Star, ABN Ranger Veteran and a very proud mom of a Bronze Star, ABN Ranger Veteran. HOOAH!

That is great that the military stops on by to relax for a bit. In my book they can not be supported enough. Especially after what they are willing to do to support everyone’s freedoms. 👍

So glad they can waste our taxpayers money on flying in to there for lunch

My tax dollars at work I guess

Erin we were there!!!! Well, not then.... but once upon a time!!

Steven Lewis Robby Lewis

I’m sure it looked really cool outside. I was starting to get sick 😅

I heard them go over our house!

I would have loved to see this.

That’s cool.

Such a fun trip!!!😊🙌

Loved flying in Blackhawks. The best pilot I ever had was a crazy Delta Force member. He needed flight time so the 101st ABN let him fly my squad all around Kentucky. Wow that guy could fly!

I heard them fly over very close to my house.I thought it was for president Bush.Very loud indeed.

Loved seeing them fly over! Had the granddaughters waiving their arms off as they went over.

I wish I could have been there

Wow that was cool

Sutton Warford

That's awesome

And that’s what my BA husband was doing Saturday 😏 so proud of him! 😘😘😘

They make a little noise but they are awesome!

I saw them cross the river at rim shoals thats kool👍

I have such wonderful memories of making this trip to Gaston’s in the Hawk. One thing I do miss. ❤️

Beautiful sight.

Discovered by Huey pilots 😎

We watched them land from our home. It was an awesome sight.

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Watching the early morning fog burn off from our restaurant. It’s going to be a beautiful weekend with much warmer weather! #gastonswhiteriverresort #gastons #fog #whiteriver #visitarkansas ... See MoreSee Less


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Helen and I spent a week there. Loved it !!!!


Been there and seen this many times! One of my favorite spots to be in the early morning. Not so much in the restaurant, but wading in the river.

Do you still have all the carp and the feeder thing on the dock?

Matt Taylor our next weekend getaway

John Lee


Whitney Fennel...show this to Brady, you girls can stay warm in the cabin while Brady and I slay some Rainbow Trout!

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It’s the time of the year where the water temperature feels warm. A 20 degree morning couldn’t stop this fishermen! #gastonswhiteriverresort #gastons #whiteriver #flyfishing #visitarkansas ... See MoreSee Less

It’s the time of the year where the water temperature feels warm.  A 20 degree morning couldn’t stop this fishermen!  #gastonswhiteriverresort #gastons #whiteriver #flyfishing #visitarkansas


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Carie Stewart Shuffield we should plan a trip with kids

Current Dinner Specials

-Specials begin on Friday December 6th thru 8th

Grilled Swordfish$27.95

Fresh Pacific swordfish steak char-grilled and served with a saffron cream.

Duck Breast Ala Marsala$26.95

Boneless breast of Muscovy duck pan seared rare, and served with a wild mushroom Marsala sauce.

Whitefish DeJonghe$26.95

Fresh Lake Superior whitefish fillet, broiled, and then finished with a garlic DeJonghe butter.

Montrachet Pork Chop$21.95

A double cut pork chop stuffed with a pesto-Montrachet cheese (goat cheese) with garlic and herbs, then dusted with fresh crumbs, fried golden and crisp, then
finished with a port wine demi.

-Saturday Only-

Roast Prime Rib12 oz.-$29.95
16 oz.-$36.95

USDA certified Angus prime rib slow roasted and infused with fresh herbs, garlic, and olive oil.
Served with Au Jus.

Frequently asked questions

It seems redundant, but fishing is always good here. The White River stays the same temperature year-round and therefore the trout are always active. You should always be able to catch your limit. Also note that fly fishing is not the only way to fish here; over 85% of everyone that fishes here is spin fishing. You can produce excellent results fishing either way; the main thing is to have fun.

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