Our Airstrip

At Gaston’s, we offer our own Bermuda grass airstrip. It’s open to everyone, not just guests staying in our cottages. Feel free to fly in for breakfast, lunch, or dinner any day of the week, or on Sunday for our famous Sunday brunch. Our resort has been featured in every major airplane and flight magazine in the world, known as the best fly in destination in this part of the country. We have folks fly in from all over the country to stay with us and experience some great trout fishing, or just enjoy a meal with a great view in our first class restaurant.

Whatever it is that you would like to do, we would love to see you fly in and enjoy the amenities that make Gaston’s truly one of the most special fly-in spots in the world.

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Runway Statistics

Latitude 36 20’55’N | Longitude 92 33′ 25’W | Gaston’s Runway 06/24
Turf Surface -3,200 feet long | Field Elevation is 479 msl | Unicom 122.8
Kansas City Chart | 3M0 | Airport Identifier
No Tie-Down Fees | 100LL Fuel Available

Gaston’s White River Resort Airstrip Information