Ingredients for the best rainbow trout recipe

Best Rainbow Trout Recipe, White River, Arkansas

There are countless ways to eat fish. You can fry it, broil it, bake it, or grill it. You can buy it frozen, pickled, or pre-cooked. But the best way by far is to catch it and cook it while it’s fresh. When you visit Gaston’s Resort, you’ll experience the incredible White River, Arkansas, fishing that everybody raves about. In addition to enjoying the best trout fishing in Arkansas, you’ll taste the best rainbow trout recipe at our riverside restaurant. Although you’ll eat the best fish in the world while staying at our White River resort, Arkansas’ waters will give you more fish than you can eat during your stay. Here are four of the best rainbow trout recipe options for you to try when you return home with your abundant catch.

Classic Southern Fried Fish

This recipe works for any type of fish, but we’re particularly fond of the trout in White River, Arkansas. Classic Southern fried fish is battered with cornmeal. This crispy, savory recipe will leave you wanting more. Pair it with sweet tea and coleslaw for a full meal. This Southern fried fish is the best rainbow trout recipe for those who miss summer.

Shore Lunch’s Best Rainbow Trout Recipe

Southern fried fish

If you don’t have time to make your own breading, opt for the household staple Shore Lunch. Their best rainbow trout recipe includes simple instructions for a quick yet tasty lunch or dinner. The flavor of Shore Lunch goes well with fried potatoes and a Caesar salad. This is the best rainbow trout recipe for busy families who want to save time.

Baked Trout from White River Resort, Arkansas

For a lighter, healthier meal, skip the fried breading, and turn to your oven. Citrus and herbs will perfectly compliment the flavor of your fresh trout. This recipe is a staple among fish fanatics. Complete your meal with grilled asparagus or green beans. This is the best rainbow trout recipe for a dinner date.

White River, Arkansas, Fishing and Grilling

There’s nothing like fishing on a calm summer day—except, maybe, firing up the grill. Recall your White River, Arkansas, fishing trip with some outdoor cooking. Grab your tin foil and follow this recipe. The simple spices leave room for you to try out different sauces and sides. Our picks? Tartar sauce and thick-cut fries.

The Best Fishing in Arkansas

Gaston’s White River Resort offers the best fishing in Arkansas, and you’ll take the proof home with you. Sample a few different methods of cooking fish at our restaurant, then select the best rainbow trout recipe for you when you get home. When you finally run out of White River, Arkansas, fish, it’s time to come back and catch more. Call 870-431-5202 to book your fishing retreat today!