Fried fish from river restaurant menu

Not Your Typical River Restaurant Menu

It’s no secret that Arkansas has some of the best freshwater fish in the world. With an endless supply of wild, healthy trout, you’ll never eat as well as you do while visiting Bull Shoals resorts. In addition to all the fun you’ll have while fishing here, Gaston’s White River Resort has an incredible fish restaurant on-site. So after a full day of fishing our section of the White River, you don’t have to worry about cooking dinner. Our river restaurant menu features regular menu items like pasta, sandwiches, and appetizers, but the You Catch’em, We Cook’em option sets us apart from all other Bull Shoals resorts. 

Build Your Own River Restaurant Menu

Fish restaurant

The beauty of our extensive river restaurant menu is its flexibility. If you decide to spend the day fishing, we’ll cook up your catch however you like! Or if you head into one of the local towns for the day, we’ll provide the fish for you. The plethora of choices means you can return every day for something new and exciting to eat. Before ordering, learn about the different kinds of trout in our part of Arkansas.

Southern Fried Fish Restaurant

Of course, traditional southern fried fish is always a crowd-pleaser. The crispy outside perfectly complements the soft, flaky fish. If you select this option from the You Catch’em, We Cook’em river restaurant menu, we’ll hand bread your fish in cornmeal and fry it to the perfect golden brown. Eaten plain, it’s juicy and flavorful, but we recommend you try it with some different sauces for a full flavor immersion. Our favorites? The timeless classic tartar sauce or daringly spicy hot sauce. Add a side of fries for an American take on the ever-popular fish and chips.

Fresh Fish Restaurant Healthy Options

If you’re looking for a healthy alternative to southern fried fish, we can also broil or pan-sear your catch. These cooking styles yield a softer texture and more natural flavor, so they’re a good choice for those who want to savor the unique flavor of each type of trout. Pair your filets with our deliciously creamy mushroom hollandaise, supreme, almondine, or neptune sauces and a heaping helping from our salad bar. It’s a healthy river restaurant meal that will leave you stuffed and satisfied.

Crown Jewel of Bull Shoals Resorts

While the sport of fishing is mightily entertaining, eating is the main attraction at Gaston’s White River Resort. You’ll never taste better fish than the ones you catch here. The only thing you have to do is cast your line and reel in a keeper—we’ll take care of the rest!  Contact us to plan your trip to the fishing capital of Arkansas.