Creating the Best Tackle Box for Your AR Fishing Trip

Coming up with the best tackle box for your Arkansas trout fishing trip is essential! You won’t want to leave anything at home or the store. We’ve curated the perfect list of what you need, so you don’t forget, and you can spend more time worrying about what you’re going to eat at our restaurant when you book the ultimate fishing getaway with Gaston’s White River Resort.

The Extras

It’s helpful to have just about extra of everything when you’re fishing, but most importantly you want lots of line and hooks. Whether you use them all or not, you’ll still have them in case you happen to need them.

Bobbers & Lures

A variety of bobbers and lures are useful for when you’re not just trout fishing, but out on the lake or river and hoping for any fish to bite. Bobbers let you know when the fish are biting. Red and white round bobbers are famous but they limit the depth at which they can go, so having a slip bobber in your repertoire will help you adjust the length at which you cast your line.

Lures come in all shapes and sizes these days, and there are specific ones just for the type of fish you might be hunting. While a hook and worm are a classic example of a lure, which lures the fish to bite, you’ll want to stock up on a few different types as you might need to try some before you catch something.

The Tools

There are a few tools you’ll want to have which include a needle nose plier and a small knife such as a pocket knife or cutting tool like a nail clipper. The plier will help when removing the hook from the fish’s mouth and if you end up with a snag in your line, you can quickly cut it with a small knife.

Other items you might want to have included, sinkers to help balance out your line, a first aid kit in case you need it, and sunscreen to protect your skin.

Don’t forget these essential items while packing for your Arkansas trout fishing trip to Gaston’s White River Resort, but if you end up missing something along the way, we’ve got a store close enough where you can stock up, so you can spend more time on the boat than on land!

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