An avid angler battles a ferocious rainbow trout.

Arkansas Fishing Guides at Gaston’s White River Resort

Death and taxes are the only guarantees in life, which is why we call it fishing and not catching. A lure, fly, or bait that brought you success a day ago is not guaranteed to produce the same results tomorrow. Combine the fickle nature of fishing with being on unfamiliar waters, and you’ll have yourself a recipe best served with a side of trial and error. Now, there is nothing wrong with making a few mistakes while learning, heck that’s what life is all about. However, even those who grew up on the White River will tell you that your chance of coming home with bragging rights increases ten-fold when you go with one of our Arkansas fishing guides. Here we share with you four reasons to do so. 

4 Great Reasons to Hire an Arkansas Fishing Guide

Arkansas Fishing Guides Make it Easier to Travel

As creatures of habit, we anglers get a certain sense of comfort from having all of our fishing gear in one place. In reality, it’s much easier to maneuver the White River when traveling light. Your fishing guide will have all the equipment you need from flies to jigs and everything in between, so you need not worry yourself with lugging your tackle collection around. 

All They Do is Fish, Fish, Fish

To be fair, we have seen them do other things with their time. The bottom line here is that Arkansas fishing guides take a great deal of pride in creating unforgettable memories for their pupils. Try to remember the last time you brought a friend onto the boat with you to your favorite fishing spot. Before your outing, you likely told them about an epic night of limiting out or netting a personal best. Chances are once they were in your boat, you felt a great deal of pressure to recreate that memorable day. Going with a fishing guide takes all the pressure off you, making catching fish your only responsibility. 

Forge a Relationship with a Master Angler

People become fishing guides for two reasons: they love fishing and excel at it. Ideally, you can find a guide that you mesh well with to make your time on the water more enjoyable. Building a good relationship with your guide will make you a preferred customer, which will only benefit you upon your return. The best way to ensure your path to preferred status is to share your experience—and your guide’s contact info—with friends and family who would appreciate the service. Don’t forget to tell your inner-circle to tell their guide you sent them!

Timeless Knowledge

Like most things in life, much of what we learn fishing stems from making a mistake and rectifying it. The first step in becoming a better angler is to acknowledge that you don’t know everything about Arkansas fishing. The challenge presented to us while fishing is an integral reason we start, and your guide will teach you the best techniques for fishing the White River. The best thing to do to increase your angling insight is to ask questions and think outside the box.

Cabin Rentals in Arkansas

White River, Arkansas, offers some of the best fishing in the state, if not the country. Gaston’s provides the perfect basecamp to set off into the sunset as you seek a bountiful journey. In addition to our comfortable lodging and accommodations, we also offer a fly fishing course and boat rental. For more information on how we can show you the best fishing in Arkansas, please contact us online or call 870-431-5202.