A fisherman rows his boat as his dog looks onward from the front of the watercraft.

Enjoy Pet-Friendly Cabins at Gaston’s White River Resort

Sometimes the best fishing buddy is one who doesn’t talk and does whatever you tell them. We’re not referring to your spouse, and we’re not talking about any kids or siblings. We’re talking about dogs. Man’s best friend has been an angling ally since cave dwellers speared their first bass. If you are looking for pet-friendly cabins in Arkansas, look no further than Gaston’s White River Resort! To get you more acquainted with bringing your furry friend along, we’ve provided a few guidelines to make fishing with your dog an enjoyable experience at one of the best fishing resorts in Arkansas.

5 Tips for Fishing with Your Dog

When visiting our pet-friendly cabins in Arkansas, you don’t have to leave your favorite buddy at home by themselves. Here are some things to consider when taking your dog on a fishing trip:

  • Your dog is going to need some potty breaks, so it’s a good idea to plan your fishing around the times your dog typically needs to go to the bathroom. Take your dog out to do their business before getting into the boat, and plan on stopping to shore a few times to let them go if you’re going to be out all day. Otherwise, if you have a large enough boat and have trained your dog ahead of time, you can use puppy pads. Dog’s don’t always tell us when they need to go, so it’s up to us to ensure their comfort.
  • Keeping your dog harnessed safely seems like a no-brainer, but this simple precaution is easy to forget and could save your dog’s life!
  • Find a canine life jacket that fits so that, in the event you need to unleash the dog from their safety harness, he or she doesn’t have to expend too much energy swimming. Remember, being out on open water that’s unfamiliar is much different to your dog than jumping off the dock or wading in the pool. 
  • Securing your fishing gear is crucial when fishing with your dog for two primary reasons. First, dogs tend to be clumsy, especially when getting tossed around in a boat, and you don’t want to have to scold Lady because she broke your favorite rod. Secondly, and more importantly, you don’t want to risk having your dog step on a hook or, worse, pick one up with their mouth. 
  • Training your dog to resist the urge to chase lures is probably the most rewarding and challenging aspect of taking your canine fishing. Suppressing an animal’s instinct is never easy, but this is the foundation for bringing your dog along for the ride. If you can’t cast your rod, then you can’t fish, which defeats the purpose of life. 

Pet-Friendly Cabins in Arkansas at Gaston’s White River Resort

To some of us, the only thing better than fishing in Arkansas is…fishing in Arkansas with your dog. Gaston’s White River Resort offers pet-friendly lodging as well as one of the best restaurants on the White River. For more information on how we can accommodate a stay for you and your pet, please visit us online or call 870-431-5202. Your dog will thank you!