A beautiful trout being held above shallow water.

Open Enrollment: Fly Fishing School on the White River

Most people have gone fishing with a typical rod and reel at least once in their lives. Think back to those summers of your youth, hanging out on the dock with your friends, siblings, or cousins, tossing worms under the sun with a bobber and not a care in the world. Now, most of us weren’t fly fishing back then—it takes a certain level of concentration and a good deal of practice—on top of that, the accessories needed for fly fishing are a little more varied than just a hook, line, and sinker. For those reasons, Gaston’s White River Resort offers a one-day fly fishing course, and we’d like to share a brief guide on getting started with fly fishing—but first, we want to tell you a bit about the class.

Our fly fishing school is instructed by master fisherman, Frank Saksa. The course combines teaching in a classroom setting as well as some outdoor instructional activities like how to cast.  We’re willing to bet that Frank knows more about the White River trout fishing than almost anyone in the state of Arkansas.

What You’ll Need to Start Fly Fishing

Again, fly fishing involves more than just your standard rod and reel combo. There is a myriad of accessories that can be handy while you’re wading through the currents of the White River, but we’ll just focus on the basics for fly fishing school. 

  • A rod and reel are obviously essential, but be sure to find the rod that is best for you. Medium action rods tend to be easier to cast—so, best for beginners. A medium action still allows anglers to feel bites without the sometimes startling twitch of light action rods. Reels are a little trickier as there are a plethora of options. The best rule of thumb is, the bigger the fish, the bigger the reel. Be sure that your fly rod and reel match.
  • Polarized sunglasses and a fishing hat are highly recommended, especially in the summer months. The polarized sunglasses will keep the sun out of your eyes, but also enable you to see the fish below the surface of the water by reducing the sun’s reflection. The hat will also help keep the sun out of your eyes and make the glasses more effective, but more importantly, it will provide added protection from sunburns and heat exhaustion.
  • Flies and waders are another seemingly obvious addition to the list—however, the main point here is that you don’t need to spend a fortune on these items. You’ll know what you need as your skill improves, but for now, a basic set of chest-high waders and an assortment of flies are adequate to commence your new favorite hobby.

Trout Fishing in Arkansas at Gaston’s White River Resort

Now that you’ve gained a better understanding of what’s needed for fly fishing, we’d like to invite you to join us at our resort, as we have several different lodging options to make you feel at home. With over 70 boats, an award-winning restaurant, and even our own airstrip, we are more than equipped to accommodate your incredible adventure. Please call us at 870-431-5202 or visit us online to make a reservation today.