Dam in Bull Shoals Arkansas

5 Fun Facts about Bull Shoals, Arkansas

Everyone knows that Bull Shoals, Arkansas, and the surrounding region are incredible, but have you ever wondered how it became such a recognized fishing destination? Well, a big part of that is the Bull Shoals Dam. The landmark plays a significant role in Arkansas history and the development of all the fantastic Bull Shoals Lake resorts, including Gaston’s White River Resort. So, here are a few fun facts that you should know before your next Arkansas fishing trip.

1: The Dawn of Bull Shoals, Arkansas

Two neighboring towns—Bull Shoals and Lakeview—are connected by a road that crosses the Bull Shoals Dam. Bull Shoals, Arkansas, developed alongside the dam and officially became a town in 1954. However, our own town of Lakeview wouldn’t be incorporated for another two decades

2: The Largest Lake in Arkansas

Bull Shoals Lake is man-made lake and is the largest body of water in the state of Arkansas. With over 1,000 miles of shoreline and over 70,000 acres of fishable water, it’s no wonder that our Bull Shoals Lake resort has some of the best fishing in North America!

3: Bull Shoals Dam Generation for Generations

Thanks to the Bull Shoals Dam, the generation of power is no problem! It has eight generators and can process 10 million gallons of water per minute. That turns out to be 800,000 megawatt hours each year! You’ll use electricity from those generators during your stay at Gaston’s Bull Shoals Lake resort.

4: The Construction of a Landmark

If so much of the local electricity comes from the Bull Shoals Dam generation, how was the dam itself built? Builders constructed a nearly 8-mile conveyor belt between Lee’s Mountain Quarry and the White River to carry the necessary building materials. Construction of the dam was finished in 1951.

5: Why the Fishing is So Good


Some people like river fishing, while others prefer lakes. When you come to Bull Shoals, Arkansas, you can enjoy both! The clear water of Bull Shoals Lake is ideal for all kinds of water sports, including fishing, and the dam spews currents of cold water into the river. That’s why our trout fishing is like nowhere else!

Staying in Bull Shoals, Arkansas

To learn even more fun facts about our community, stop by the James A. Gaston Visitor Center. Then, hit the water and use your newfound knowledge to land the best catch of your life. Our cottages provide the ideal space for you to cook up your trophy, or you can take it to our restaurant for a chef-prepared meal. Call 870-431-5202 or contact us online for more information.