Best Trout Fishing in Arkansas

Best Trout Fishing in Arkansas

Just south of the Arkansas-Missouri border sportsmen will discover some of the best trout fishing in Arkansas – many folks would argue the best fishing in the world! Lakeview, Arkansas, also known as the “Paradise of the Ozarks” is the epicenter of local activity. The nickname is earned for a good reason. Boasting a population of some 800 residents Lakeview is a laid-back, unspoiled, eco-environment here at Gaston’s White River Resort. With the backdrop of the Ozark Mountains, visitors enjoy rolling hills, old forests, native wildlife, birds, woodland flowers, and the wondrous gifts of nature.

Diverse Fish Species

Starting at the mouth of the Mississippi and snaking through the Ozark Mountains, the 720-mile long White River flows to the Arkansas Delta. The river was dammed in 1947 to create the man-made 145,400-acre Bull Shoals Lake. White River is internationally famous for its diverse, abundance of fish species including catfish, bass, walleye, sunfish, and trout. Sportsmen flock to the river section above the dam in Lakeview to experience the best White River trout fishing in the world.

Bull Shoals Lake

Opportunities in Lakeview abound for aspiring anglers of all skill levels. Local fishing guides offer lessons for beginners and tours for experts looking for a trophy catch. Great fishing doesn’t end at the dam. The Bull Shoals Lake continues the outdoor enchantment with boating, camping, hiking, swimming, and what else – fishing! Bass, crappie, catfish, and trout hideaway in the coves. The recreation department offers many nature classes, including a campfire cooking class demonstrating techniques to prepare the mouth-watering day’s catch.

Bull Shoals-White River State Park

The James A. Gaston Visitor Center provides the best source of information about the entire Bull Shoals-White River State Park recreation area. The 15,744 square-foot complex features a state-of-the-art exhibit hall and theater.  The park covers mapped hiking/biking trails and miles of shoreline. Local marinas offer boat rentals and supplies, fishing gear, licenses, cabin and campground information, picnic supplies, and information about the many sanctioned fishing tournaments in the area.