fall in arkansas

Fall Leaf Peeping Tours

Gaston’s White River Resort’s award-winning restaurant, duck pond, nature trails, swimming pool, conference lodge, and fly-fishing school are part of our charm. As the crisp fall breeze rolls in you’ll find comfort in our cozy resort nestled in some of Arkansas’ most beautiful woodlands with gorgeous hues of golden and auburn foliage. You can also enjoy the glorious scenery as it reflects unto the Lake, while you enjoy a delightful meal in Lakeview Arkansas!

Fall Foliage

Experience the beauty of Arkansas’ fall foliage as nature paints the mountains and valleys with splendid colors. September brings vibrant yellows and golds with hints of reds and oranges peeking through some still dominantly green foliage. Most of our visitors come for special fall vacations to catch a glimpse of the season. As the whole family embarks on a scenic drive through autumn’s finest, everyone will enjoy the countryside on a fun-filled road trip. Between our quaint town and breathtaking scenery, this Lakeview Arkansas vacation will refresh your adventurous spirit.

Autumn Activities in Lakeview Arkansas

However, our autumn charm isn’t limited to scenery the cooler weather is ideal for hiking, biking, and rock climbing. While many of our northern neighbors experience their first snow falls, we’re still ranging in low 40s to high 70s through October, making us the perfect fall getaway before we transform into a winter wonderland. Slow falling leaves welcome you as you make your way down our hiking trails. Whether you want to spend your whole trip in a park, forest, or mountain Lakeview Arkansas is conveniently located near all these majestic wonders that make us the natural state!

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