white river fly fishing

The Perfect Meal: You Catch’em, We Cook’em!

Fishing is always good at Gaston’s White River Resort! The White River stays the same temperature year-round, so the trout are regularly active. There is more than White River fly fishing, spin fishing is also popular. Either way, you get great fish, the goal is to have fun!

You Catch’em

If you’re looking for the best fishing place in Arkansas, White River fishing offers a variety of bass: smallmouth, largemouth, and rock, catfish: channel, blue, and flathead, as well as sunfish that should satisfy nearly any angler. Spinnerbaits, and crawfish imitators are recommended, also minnows, crawfish, and other natural baits. Beneath Bull Shoals Dam, the White River takes on an entirely different character, and it is one of the most famous drift fishing rivers in the world. Most White River rainbow trout are not World record-breaking sizes, but we still claim a 19-pound, 1-ounce Arkansas state record. Ten-pound fish are considered significant, but there are plenty of real thoroughbreds in the 2-6 pounds class.

White River Fishermen can also find cutthroat and river trout! Cutthroats were first introduced in 1983, but the river has already produced 9-plus-pound fish. The river trout are a rare catch. However, they can reach up to four pounds in the North Fork. Bull Shoals to Cotter is the sweet spot for its trophy brown trout fishing. Many are caught with live crayfish, but you could use a variety of other live baits, usually at night since brown trout are nocturnal feeders. White River fly fishing is tremendously popular during low water stages, but most people choose the standard White River rig, a 16 to 20 foot Jon Boat furnished with a 10-20 hp motor. Fishing is also suitable for canal catfish and rock bass, and in lake headwaters, white bass, and walleyes are essential to sportfishing.

We Cook’em

Gaston’s restaurant offers a wide selection of delicious meals. However, we provide a unique feature line to table option. After, reeling in a trophy trout the first thing you want to do is eat it! Well, at Gaston’s we understand, which is why our chefs will either broil or pan-sear your fish. We also know that you may want to sauce it up, so you can add mushroom hollandaise, or supreme sauce, or Almond and Neptune sauce. If you would prefer it fired, we can also take care of that for you. Our chef will hand bread the fish in cornmeal and fry it to a golden brown. So, pull up a chair and decompress while our chefs prepare your delicious meal!