White River

Picture Time at Gaston’s White River Resort

You might not think a Fishing Resort is the best place to take pictures, but it is! Whether you are capturing the White River, the amazing fish, or the spectacular views around the resort this summer, it is your opportunity for some amazing pictures.

There is nothing better than capturing an image that represents a moment in time. From the smile on someone’s face when they catch a big fish or the steam from the water on a hot day, all of these shots can take place in Arkansas. At Gaston’s White River Resort, we want to make sure that you have the perfect opportunity to take photos. From our fishing charters to our fantastic resort you will have plenty of photo ops.

Arkansas offers amazing landscape for photography. With forests, rivers, and a cute town, you will love spending the time working on capturing the perfect photo. At Gaston’s, we offer fishing trips for you to venture out and take pictures. We are close to a lot of beautiful attractions for you to walk and explore.

Whether you bring a DSLR, a smaller camera, a Polaroid, or your phone, you will create a beautiful photo when you visit Lakeview, Arkansas. With any camera of your choosing, knowing how to operate it, is crucial. Take some time before heading our way and get comfortable with handling your camera. Reading information on how to adjust exposure and settings will help you become a better photographer.

What is your style

It is all about your passion and subject when deciding which style and place you should go. If White Riverlandscape photography is your interest, bring a few lens to capture the perfect shot. If you are trying to catch a fish close up, a large lens will help you get that shot without having to get too close. If you want to capture portraits of your family and friends an action shot setting is recommended to capture all the amazing things you will be doing in Lakeview, Arkansas.

After a fun day of capturing the perfect image relax and look over your photos at Gaston’s White River Resort. Indulge in a world-class meal and relax by the White River to edit and review the pictures. It is important to caption the photos, so you know what you did, where you were, and who you were with. Then when you are looking back at the photos or adding them to a blog or website you have all the information. At Gaston’s, we will make sure you have the comfort and space to discover an amazing photo, and we cannot wait to see what you create!