Lakeview Arkansas

Fall Fishing in Lakeview Arkansas

Fall brings lots of visitors to Arkansas for many different reasons. Arkansas offers outdoor adventures, and cooler weather is in the autumn season. The Harvest season brings the changing of fall foliage. Many guests go to our area and enjoy a scenic drive through the Ozark Mountains during this time of the year. It’s peak fall foliage season here in Northern Arkansas. Which means it’s a great time to head down to Gaston’s White River Resort for some fall fishing.

There is plenty of things to do to keep families and loved ones entertained on a fall vacation. Fishing is one of the reasons our guests to enjoy staying with us.

Trophy Fishing this Fall

When you fish with us this harvest season you’ll be able to float on the White River while checking out the gorgeous fall foliage. Flathead fishing is extremely popular in October and November. Fall Bass are another fantastic fish people hunt for once the temperatures cool down a bit. Similar to spring when Bass are spawning, in the fall they are looking for food. This means that November is the best time to go fishing down the river in search of Smallmouth Bass. We’re sure you’ll find a catch worthy of a trophy. Remember to take a look at the Arkansas Game and Fishing Commission to learn about daily limits, licensing, and general regulations on fishing.

Did you know that we offer guided fishing trips here at Gaston’s? We have everything from float trips to local trips. Just don’t forget to bring your own bait, license, rods and reels. Once you have all that, you’ll be able to have either a half day or full day on the water. Plus, if you’re looking to learn about Fly Fishing, we even have a school for that. Our last course is coming up on November 14-15, 2016. You’ll receive in-class training, mixed with hands-on experience.

Arkansas has moderate weather year-round, which makes The Natural State a perfect place to go if you’re looking for a fishing vacation. Gather up your waders and tackle box, it’s time to hit the water this harvest season at Gaston’s White River Resort in Lakeview, Arkansas.