A beautiful specimen caught while trout fishing in fall.

Trout Fishing in Fall on Arkansas’ White River

The first question people ask when planning a fishing trip is, “When is the best time to go?” Although many people outside of the region may not realize it, Arkansas is a renowned hotspot for trout fishing in fall. Home to four species of trout; rainbow, cutthroat, brook, and of course, the highly coveted brown trout, thanks to mindful management practices, the iconic White River will remain a top destination for years to come. Just south of Bull Shoals, AR, Gaston’s White River Resort provides unfettered access to one of the world’s most productive trout fisheries. With a complete collection of vacation packages to choose from, a bevy of amenities, and a knowledgeable staff, it’s no wonder that continues to be a premier destination for those looking for a shot at a trophy trout on your fishing vacation. 

Trout Fishing in Fall

One of the most significant advantages of fishing the White River is its tailwater system, meaning dams primarily control the water levels. Unlike many rivers that dry up in the fall, there is much more flow consistency despite the lack of rain. Furthermore, in late fall and early winter, several browns are preparing to spawn, meaning they’ll be hungry, territorial, and ready to strike. Another perk to trout fishing in fall is the White River is marginally affected by seasonal, weather, or barometric conditions. Heck, even the time of day, can be considered a trivial factor. What’s most important to understand is that they’ll always be fighting the current because they live in a river, which means they have a ravenous appetite. Whether you wade, go by canoe, or rent one of our boats, the White River will not disappoint. 

Trout Fishing in Arkansas near Bull Shoals

Trout fishing in the fall on the White River is something every avid angler should experience. In conjunction with a light breeze and vibrant displays of red, yellow, and orange, the crisp autumn air provides the perfect backdrop for the ultimate fishing vacation. In addition to our beloved White, our centralized location is within proximity to other streams and tributaries to explore! For more information or to book your stay, please reach out to us online or call 870-431-5202.