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Monday, March 25th Gaston's Fishing Report


Gaston's White River Resort Fishing Report

For daily water conditions and lake levels, call the Bull Shoals Powerhouse at (870)431-5311.


Lake Level: 659.18 msl
Last Report: 658.64 (Power Pool is 659 msl)

MSL is mean sea level. When we say that the lake level is 659
MSL, that means that the top of the lake is 659 feet above sea level.

Arkansas Trophy Trout - Gaston's White River Resort

Minimum Flow

What was once an idea is now a reality. In 1973 there was a mass fish kill along the White River that occured due to heat. Ever since then, the idea of minimum flow to help keep the water cool during the hot months of the year became a conversation peace.

The idea behind minimum flow is...more water, more fish, larger fish, healthier fish, and more people to fish. Simply put, means more people to the area to spend their tourism dollars in this predominately tourism community.

Dollars is not the main concern for the topic of minimflow, although it helps. Conservation is the idea behind the words minimum flow.

Minimum Flow rates:

Bull Shoals is 800 cfs

 North Fork is 415cfs.

The white river can be tricky for some customers that have never been here before. Even those that fish all the time. The water depth can change at any time and the fish change their feeding habits by the water flow. We definitely recommend a reserving one of our guides at least the first time here. No it's not necessary but it can make a noticable difference in the number of fish that you will catch.

Fly Fishermen

  Towards the end of February, we began having a shad kill. Althought the kill as tailed off, the white patterns are still catching trout. Drifting white jigs or egg patterns on high water has been awesome. On low water, fishing with sow bugs, scuds, and and wooly buggers.  Shad and sculpin patterns are working well along with streamers. Double bunny sculpins, wooly boogers, white and pink jigs will also give you a chance to hook a trophy trout.

Gaston's White River Resort - Fishing Report  

Spin Cast Fishing


Arkansas Trophy Trout - Gaston's White River Resort

The preferred rod and reel set up includes a 6'-6'6" light action rod with 4-6 pound test line.

On lower water conditions, spoon fishing has been the "go to" for most guides and fishermen. The most popular has been the 1/6th oz. red and gold Thomas Buoyant spoon. The 2nd most popular spoon has been the red/gold little cleo. Reports on the gold or silver Vibrax blue fox has been few and far between. The few fishermen that have reported on the blue fox #2 has been "it's catching trout very well!"

Jig fishing for trout has also picked up. 1/16th and 1/8th oz black or brown jigs.

The "stand-by's" consist of the florescent yellow powerbait original or garlic scent, white eagle claw eggs, 3" pink berkley powerbait trout worms, and pink gulp worms.
Gaston's White River Resort

Please note that a trophy trout released can be replicated if you have the dimensions and pictures of the fish so that one day someone else can experience a great trophy trout as well.
It is rewarding to see the bait fisherman, fly fisherman, guides, operators and the public working together in the best interest of the White River and it's Trophy Trout fishing program. Just proves what a bit of teamwork will do.

Good luck with your fishing and take a buddy along to make memories for a lifetime.

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Arkansas Trophy Trout - Gaston's White River Resort


How to Fillet your trout.

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